Saturday, January 14, 2012

Desk-Turned-Changing Table

Changing tables for nurseries can be pricey... so why buy a one when you can easily convert an existing piece of furniture into a change table for a fraction of the cost?

It doesn't have to be fancy. Here is an old bar cart turned into a space saving change table.

A really practical change table can be made using an old dresser. Here is a gorgeous one from Honey + Fitz. See the beautiful transformation here. Even though she bought this (at a steal might I add), you can easily do the same thing with an existing dresser. 

Honey + Fitz

I love everything about this from the Jonathan Adler giraffe sconces to to the abacus to the yellow change table, right down to the grey rug!

For my niece's nursery, I used an old desk that used to be my uncle's. He wanted to get rid of it so my parents took it even though we didn't really need it. I'm sure glad they did! 

I don't have a good before picture of it but you can sort of make it out here. It's the black and brown dresser off to the left.

Life: Designed
When it came time to budget the nursery, I knew there was no way we could afford to buy a change table and this was the perfect size. I made sure it could fit a standard change pad with extra room for diapers, cream, wipes, etc.

The drawers could double as a dresser and the open area under the desk could be used for a diaper pail or other storage. 

I used a coat of paint that had primer in it and applied two coats of Rustoleum's Winter Grey spray paint to the main body of the desk change table and then painted the outlines in white for contrast. At this time we didn't know the gender of the baby so I kept it neutral... now I kind of want to redo the whole room in pink, pink and more pink!! It's weird, I thought even if the baby turned out to be girl that I would treat her like a tom boy but no... I want her to be all girly! I even bought her a pink tutu for Christmas!
She's my only niece (thus far) and I have 3 nephews, so it's no wonder I'm itching for some femininity! =)
This summer I just might have to get some pink paint....

Life: Designed
This picture was taken before they received the change pad but trust me, it fits!

What I didn't do and should have is to apply a wax of some sort to protect the change table from any scratches. 

Originally I was going to switch out the hardware but budget didn't allow for it and after I had spray painted the brass hardware white, they didn't bother me so much! Hurray for spray paint and not spending money!


  1. Hi Nancy!
    I love what you did to that bar cart! I was actually thinking of doing a very similar project (except turn a change table into a bar cart). I guess great minds think alike! ;)
    Thanks for the colour inspiration!
    -Jane @

  2. Thanks for the comment Jane! Unfortunately I can't take credit for the bar cart change table. I found it on Google or maybe Pinterest? Not sure... =)
    Turning a change table into a bar cart sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

  3. I love it! beautiful work Nancy, and great tips!